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Read about Laura Ashley's valuable contribution to our culture as a fashion designer. Another book in the popular 'Welsh Wonders' series.

Cyfrol yng nghyfres 'Enwogion o Fri' am y dylunydd ffasiwn byd enwog, Laura Ashley. Pwrpas y gyfres yw goleuo plant Cymru am gyfraniad unigolion o Gymru i'n diwylliant, a hynny mewn nifer o feysydd amrywiol. Dyma gyfle i blant a'u rhieni i fwynhau dysgu gyda'i gilydd am gyfraniad allweddol Laura Ashley i faes ffasiwn.

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Author Biography:

Mari Lovgreen is a presenter and writer. Her books for children include 'Llanast' (Gomer Press) and 'Syniadau Slei' (CAA). She has also contributed to volumes of poems. She is the author of 'Brên Babi' (Y Lolfa) - a book that discusses some of the changes that she and her acquaintances faced when they became mothers for the first time. As well as writing books, Mari has scripted many television programmes for children.

Sara Rhys is a mixed media artist and published illustrator of several children's books, living and working in the Scottish Borders. She explores a variety of materials and processes to conjure characters, spin stories, and build world. She is especially inspired by nature, with its real and mythical inhabitants, and how it interacts with the human world past and present. Her style has been described as 'contemporary nostalgia'. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and enjoys the absurdity of everyday life.


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