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Book two in the Farmer in Training series. It's one of the highlights of the year - it's the local show. Jack can’t wait to put on his white coat and show off his best lamb to the judge and all of the spectators watching. Will he win a prize?

Dyma'r ail deitl yn y gyfres Farmer in Training. Diwrnod y sioe leol yw un o uchafbwyntiau'r flwyddyn, ac mae Jack yn ysu am wisgo ei got wen er mwyn arddangos ei oen gorau o flaen y beirniad a'r dorf. Tybed a fydd e'n ennill gwobr?

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About the author

Anwen Nicholls lives on a farm in mid-Wales with her husband and three children. She is an experienced English teacher and has taught in secondary schools in Powys for 20 years.

About the illustrator

Kenneth Rees is the Creative Lead at Pixel Haze, a company specialising in web and graphic design. He lives at his home farm in mid-Wales.

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A note from the author

When you are born into a farming family, you are born into a way of life. I feel lucky that my own children have been able to experience growing up on a family farm in the way that I did. Farm life builds character and resilience. You learn from a young age that you are part of a team, part of something bigger than yourself, and often part of a story that goes back for generations. These tales, told in simple rhyme, help to share that experience with young readers. Kenneth is also from a farming background and his understanding is shown beautifully in the vibrant illustrations.

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